Friday, October 1, 2010


After two days of not hearing from my brother, not just me but the 3 of us he keeps in contact with, he FINALLY called. I as well as my dad and sister have been stressed out and at times my stomach as done a 360 because I haven't heard a THING. Then yesterday afternoon at 3:50 he called. I knew it was him because it said WITHHELD. He again was high. I asked how many balloons he did today. "Only two" he said. The reason for his call was to ask if I would give him his DVD's.

I went home and packed up his thirty or so DVD's. Also three pair of shorts, four shirts, socks, under ware, flip flops, and his toothbrush. I know I shouldn't hand over any of his belongings after all he has stolen from me and our dad but what am I going to do with his DVD's and clothes. At least I know he has some clean clothes with him for hell sake. He called me and asked me to meet him at Smith's down the street and asked "you wouldn't be setting me up would you?" I told him the truth, "no I am not setting you up". So for the first time since Sunday, September 19th I saw my brother in person and honestly, as I pulled out of my driveway I couldn't WAIT to see him. He gave me that HUGE, tight hug he is known for. He practically smothers me into his chest but it was just what I needed from him. He wouldn't look me in the eyes. I believe he is so full of shame not to mention high and maybe a little agitated so he withdraws from conversation and eye contact. He's thin in the face and pale but not the "pasty death gray" he has been before and he was clean and "seemed" okay. I was relieved.

It was a hot day yesterday so like I expected he was wearing shorts. He also had a long sleeve pull over shirt on. He wears them to hide the track marks that consume his arms/wrists from shooting all the time. I gave him another hug and told him I loved him and to call me. He said "okay, love you too" and off we went. A sighting of less than two minutes. I know his DVD's eventually may end up in the pawn shop to feed himself another high but that's his choice. At least I know for today he is alive and okay and that's enough for me at the moment.

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