Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Please write dad a letter Chad!

Still no mail for my dad from Chad. It's been three weeks since the last one and it's causing my dad major stress and concern. I haven't gotten another one either but my sister "M" did last week. Chad said he's doing good. He's met some interesting people and some not so interesting people. He was moved into another cell but is still in the R&O unit. Still locked up for 23 hours a day but he's getting used to it. He said it's not as bad as it was in jail since he has a celly to talk with. "M" said he sounded like he's doing good.

Dad called me yesterday morning and you could hear the distress in his voice. It breaks my heart hearing my dad hurt the way his voice gives away but he will NEVER admit it out loud. He's hanging by a thread and that's the best way I can put it. Dad asked me if I would make a call to the prison and see if I could talk to Chad's case worker just to make sure he's okay. I didn't think it would be possible but turns out you can talk with their case worker and that's just what I did.

Good news to deliver to my dad. Chad is fine!!!! His case worker said he doesn't seem to be under any stress, he isn't having any problems with anybody and reminded me they have medical and mental care 24/7 there for the inmates. I explained that we went to the orientation and learned so much that night but my dad is struggling with this and he just wants to know his son is okay. Chad's case-worker will tell him I called on behalf of our dad and ask him to write a letter to our dad.

I relayed the information to my dad and it seemed to relieve some of the uncertainty he's feeling with the "not knowing." I really don't know why Chad isn't writing as much as he has in the past. It's like I said to my dad, maybe he doesn't have much to say, maybe he is trying to come to terms with this, maybe he is trying to find himself and realizing how the drugs have unraveled his life...I don't know!! But we have to be patient and believe that when Chad says he is fine, he really is. That, besides my little white pill, is the only thing that is getting me through right now...simply banking on his words when he says he will be alright.

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