Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Paper chess.

Got another letter from Chad yesterday. It wasn't long but I got out of it what I always want to know and that is....he's fine. He doesn't write often because he is "adjusting". He was moved from one unit to another but is still in R&O which means 23 hour lock down but now he has a window to look out. I know he is getting closer to being released into general population so I wonder if that's why he was moved.

He and his celly have a lot in common and play a lot of chess during the day. They made their pieces out of toilet paper. Wow....creative and I'm sure he will become much more creative as time goes on. I have never been fond of chess, I have to use my brain waaaaay too much for that game. Give me some checkers, go fish or Yahtzee and I'm down but I'm not about intense strategy so chess is out!

With his letter he sent me a bird he made...origami style. I LOVE IT!! I of course felt it too see if it was also made of toilet paper. It' wasn't. When you pull the back part of it, the wings flap. I will post a picture later. There is a joke behind it of course. For years now, I have always sang a portion of The Carpenters song "Close to You" around my brothers and sister. It drives them ALL crazy because once they hear it, it's stuck in their brain along with little birds fluttering around and that's all they hear for a day or two. ;) I have left them voice mails of me singing the lyrics, texted them the lyrics, snuck up on them while they're sleeping and sang it to them....ANY way I could find to get to them, I do. So Chad sent me my origami bird with part of the lyrics to that lovely song which by the way, I can't hit a note on to save mine or anybody else's life if it depended on it!! So a word of advice, don't count on me to sing if your in dire need, you won't make it and I will yet have another package of guilt lying upon my heart.

He went to court on December 9th in West Jordan. I guess that was because of violating his probation on the charges he had in that jurisdiction. He didn't say anything more than they moved it to another date in January. Weird.

That was about the jist of his letter. He had chess to win so he had to go. I know this time of year is the pits for Chad but I would give anything to have him home for Christmas. It's almost time for my Christmas baking I do every year. Cookies, candy, fudge....this year I'm adding cupcakes, and I know my brother would be right over my shoulder trying to sneak bites of the sweet stuff my kitchen has to offer.

I have thought much of "her name" family. I'm hoping their hearts are healing and they are finding happiness in this time of year. I hope "her name" is looking down on them, comforting them with her angel wings as they go about their daily lives. I pray if they are suffering, God will lead them through his grace and give them the strength and will to continue on for "her name" sake. Oh how I hope they are all ok at least and I hope they all have a very Merry Christmas and a much happier and better new year!

So until my next's my little jingle that cause's a stir of craziness in the siblings. Enjoy!!!

Why do birds suddenly appear?
Every are near?
Just like me, they long to be
close to you.

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