Monday, November 8, 2010

The black out

This weekend was a HUGE rival game for our Utes. It was the black out game against TCU. Chad and I went to the same game a couple of years ago. Their were a couple different things from that game vs. this one. The game a couple years ago was on a weeknight, this one was on a Saturday so needless to say I was exhausted when I woke up and had to go to work. The game Chad I went too was an evening game and FREEZING cold, but this game was during the day and it was a very abnormal 70 degrees. The Ute's won at the game Chad and I went to but this year the Ute's unfortunately got their tail-feathers stomped. I am extremely thankful for this memorable time I had with Chad. I almost didn't go it was on a weeknight and I hate dragging ass to work because I haven't had my many hours of sleep but I had a little somethin somethin nudging me and I went. Must have been my sweet grandma up above pushing me knowing one day I might not have another opportunity with Chad. She was right, thanks Grandma. The story of our college game night is a funny one. Here is how it rolled:

My big little brother got tickets from his boss for the TCU vs. UTAH Utes game. For anybody out there that knows anything about college football...this was a VERY important game for the Utes and I hate so say their name but the BYU Cougars as well. TCU is known to be a REALLY good team and that they are. They are fast....extremely fast and their QB is allowed, way, way WAAAY to much time in the pocket. So Chad wants to know if I want to go to the game with him. Why not? It's football which I love, spending time with my brother which is a rarity, and being out in the cold for some reason just made the game sound more fun. So I went and we had a BLAST!!!! Paid $4.00 each for a cup of hot chocolate that was oh so yummy and $8.00 each for a smothered burrito that was cold by the time we got to our seats but who was football stadium food.
Kickoff started and the game began. There was a cool breeze that kind of chilled you to the bone if you didn't dress appropriately which by the way, was the case of my brother. DUH!!! How do you go to an OUTSIDE football game that starts at 6:00 at night the day after a snow storm not to mention the fact that your stadium just HAPPENS to sit under the snow packed mountains????? Once again can you say DUH?? He wore thin socks, Levi's, a T-shirt and a hoodie. That's it!!! Can you say a tad under dressed for the occasion. MOOOORRRROOON!!! I swear while he was getting ready for his favorite color had to have been clear. Again, I was the smart one...I wore three shirts, doubled up on socks and had a coat!

The game went on, the cheers went on and after 3 hours of wondering if we could pull it off...we did. The bad thing thought. My brother was so cold that we left the LAST 4 minutes of the game, Utes were down by 4. I had a gut instinct we shouldn't leave but feeling bad for my freezing brother, I gave in. What a sucker. Walking through the cold air, knees and toes aching from the cold after sitting so long we suddenly hear "TOUCHDOWN" Utah and a ROARING crowd that we should have been in. Can I just say my brother is lucky to be alive. How could he be so cold that he couldn't stick out 4 more minutes? And if he really was that cold, it was his own fault for dressing like all he was going to do was walk through a parking lot to get into a warm store. UGHHHH!!!! I missed the best part of the game because of his stupid shivers.

Oh well, I am thankful I got to go. It has been a long time since I spent time like that with Cheek. We had awesome seats that mind you were free AND I got a free towel. Yep Yep. It was all worth it. At least for me it was. I was warm!!!!

So, so glad I can look back on this night. Thanks Chad for the free tickets and thanks for thinking of taking me. I know you could have taken anybody but you chose me. Thanks again!

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