Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving and a little black Friday shopping.

Once again Thanksgiving came. Time for family and friends to come together for a FEAST of food and some good football. Both of my boys were home with their mama this year and that is enough for me to be thankful for. Thanksgiving has been at my house for the last three years so I welcomed the change for it to be at anothers. Didn't have to clean and cook and then clean up again, another reason to be thankful.

Truly I have SO MUCH to be thankful for and I don't just remember my blessings on Thanksgiving. I recognize everyday how blessed I really am and pray I continue to receive them from the good Lord above. I know there are many others that are so much worse off than I am and would love my life if it were offered to them. I know there are many that might not ever have what I do for whatever reason it may be so what I do have in my life and who I have in my life I cherish and hold close to my heart and soul.

Anyways, my body goes into a "no eat" zone when Thanksgiving comes around. Weird, I know but it's been that way for years. As the season changes from fall to winter and the holidays approach, I can taste the turkey melting on my tongue with all the fixins that go with it and I get so excited for the big event, but when the actual day comes along, I am only able to eat one serving of everything. There is a TON of food and I put what I can on my plate and once it's gone, that's it. No going back for seconds or thirds. Not sure if that's unheard of or not but oh well, I guess I don't have a TON to work off because the pants of "tightened" up.

This Thanksgiving has been exceptionally cold. Colder than I remembered it in a LONG time. I've been home for 11 years now and I have never had to keep my faucets dripping a little so they don't freeze up and explode. My dad and I went to lunch Wednesday. We had a blizzard coming in that night so my sweet dad told me everything I needed to do to prepare and be ready for. This was the list of "to do's by dad":

Flashlights= check
Candles= check
Extra batteries= not so check
Outside faucet covers ("they're only a buck and a half at Lowe's")=check
Blankets= check
Stay off the roads as much as possible= check

I was ready for it. I'm so grateful my dad has the concern he does for his kids to make sure we are ok in situations like this. He's the best dad a family could EVER have and I'm proud to say he's my daddy!!!!!

My dad...detective John McClane..aka..Bruce Willis :)

My sister "M" called me today just crying and barely able to speak. She of course was had a heavy heart today for Chad. We all did. Chad isn't one for the holidays anymore. Ever since the divorce between our dad and his mom they have never been the same for him and it seems to be a time of year when he gets pretty depressed. I prayed for him hoping he was ok and in good spirits. I got one letter from him since he was sentenced. He actually wrote it the night he was sentenced. He was transported the following morning after sentencing, Friday, November 19th to the prison. I run to the mailbox everyday but nothing yet. I know he hasn't forgotten me and he's thinking of us all. I miss him terribly but respect his feelings during this time as well. I know he's with us all, he's in my heart and always will be.

Thanksgiving 2008 - Our last Thanksgiving together

I didn't sleep well after 4:00 this morning. Sleep is still a luxury right now. I tossed and turned and looked into space thinking of all those crazy shoppers out there tearing up the stores and possibly but hopefully not, each other, trying to get the last item on sale. I've shopped Black Friday in the past but value my life to much at this point to risk having to hurt somebody if they dared snatch something out of my basket or hands. So instead, I pulled myself out of bed and put the movie EAT PRAY LOVE in and became a couch potato. I wasn't sure if I'd be able to make it through the whole movie without dozing off but I did and what a great movie. I laughed, I cried, and was memorized by her courage to stop and leave everything in her life to find herself once again. So inspiring and something I would love to do, once my kids are grown of course.

I decided I would do a little shopping. I've started early this year so it's not as hectic and it's working out awesome. Old Navy and Target it was and I made a little head-way. I worked retail at this time last year and looking at the mess those poor workers had to clean up once the store closed, I felt no envy for any of them. I did feel sorry for them and if I decided against an item I picked up, I tried my best to put it right back where it went. It's a habit I've taken on since working retail. If people would only put stuff back where it belongs things would be so much easier. Ya know people, retail workers have a life too and DON'T get paid an ounce of their worth. Seriously, it's pathetic so just a friendly reminder, remember their lives aren't lived in the stores and they, just like you, want to go home after work. They aren't your parents, they aren't your maids, they aren't your housekeepers and they aren't your babysitters. So while you shop anytime of the year, especially during the holiday season, be nice and keep them all in mind and put stuff back where it belongs!!! Okay now I'm done with my little rant and rave.

I wanted to put my Christmas trees and decorations up tonight. Not happening. Maybe tomorrow, maybe Sunday or maybe next weekend. I'll get around to it but for now, I'm going to enjoy the time with my boys and the rest of my week off. Maybe watch "A Christmas Story".

I hope you all had a very Happy Thanksgiving and wish you all the blessings in the world.

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