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Let me just tell you about the MEDIA!!! These people that we refer to as our local news reporters, reporters that we COUNT on to deliver us the current events that are going on in our cities, states and nation are for the most part the most arrogant and idiotic people to deal with!!!! When it comes to the term accuracy, they fail. When it comes to the term compassion, they fail. When it comes to the saying "Leave me alone", they fail. No is not a word they recognize well by any means. It all comes down to that almighty story and who can break it first REGARDLESS that there are families involved. HEARTBROKEN families mind you.

Chad has made the headlines twice now. When he robbed the pharmacies for Oxycontin years ago, he was all over the news and then of course with the new charges he made the news as well. I can't tell you how many times I wanted to contact the newspapers AND the stations themselves and just let them have it. I mean when the manhunt was on for Chad this last time, one station had the car he was described as being in as a completely different vehicle than what it was. I mean really, if you are going to report on a manhunt and you expect the public to keep their eyes open and report any suspicion to their local authorities THAN HAVE THE CORRECT INFORMATION TO DO SO MORONS!!!!

Then there were the stories in the newspapers in reference to me, his sister, and that he stole $200.00 from my account to purchase heroin. I KNOW they got this information from the police report and or witness statement I had to fill out so head's up reporters, if you are going to report on a breaking news story and discuss what you found in these reports THAN READ THE WHOLE REPORT AND REPORT THE CORRECT INFORMATION IDIOTS!!!! It wasn't $200.00 that he took, it was $440.00 and it cleeeearly stated that in my reports. Yes it looks much worse for Chad but if you are going to write such a story and put your name on it than have the decency to know what the hell it is you're reporting on. In other words, GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT!!!

Chad jumped from the balcony inside his housing unit at the jail on Thursday, October 7th. I was at my desk on Friday morning working when my cell phone began vibrating over and over again with text messages. I was being asked if I was ok and most importantly if Chad was ok. What struck me and I realized that I didn't have a clue what they were talking about is when somebody asked me if I saw the news that morning. So I pulled it up on my computer and there you have it. "Person of interest in Bountiful homicide placed on suicide watch." Tears fill my eyes and once again my stomach flips over as I continue to read the story that our reliable media reported on. They said he jumped head first from the 2nd balcony in the pod he was in and suffered head injuries and was taken to the local hospital. He was unconscious but responsive. When my brother jumped from the 2nd balcony at the jail, do you think anybody in his family was notified? Nope. Not one. Not even our dad!

So of course I pick up the phone to call my dad who didn't know either. He hadn't watched the news yet that morning so he had no clue of the current event. I then made a call the Davis county jail and left a message for the Chief asking one, was my brother was ok because the story stated he had head injuries and two, why did the media know about it before his own dad knew of it? To say the least, I was PISSED annnnnd not sure how much more I could stand or take!!!!!

Some who might read this would think "who cares if he jumped and was hurt, he gets what he deserves" or even harsher statements and I completely understand where they are coming from. The fact is, in a case such as this where a life has been taken, it is very easy and expected for people to judge and throw their opinions in the wind, even if they do know the facts. That's just how we the people have become. Most of us never think before speaking or most of us don't care what we're saying, as long as we get to say it.

Well here are a few facts about his "jump" or "leap":
  1. Chad didn't jump head first as stated NOR did he have head injuries! He jumped feet first.
  2. He stood up on the top railing of the 2nd level of the tier, 20 feet high NOT 10 feet, in the pod and jumped FEET first!
  3. He was taken to a local hospital and was found to have a broken lumbar vertebrae!
  4. The Chief didn't know the news already had the story and he didn't call our dad because it wasn't considered a "life threatening" incident and if it would have been then his family most definitely would have been notified.

So there ya have it on the jump story.

Then came November 17th. A status hearing for Chad. My dad, "M" and I went to this hearing. The court doors didn't open until 1:00 so we stood in the hall way hoping to dodge anybody media related. We sat on the little couches conversating about other things and acting non-shalant. A reporter was there and I knew he was so because he had a little tablet, pen and a badge around his neck and looked at the docket on the outside of the court door and Chad's name was the very first one. Then he walked straight towards us and all I could think in my head was "shit, please don't ask me a single thing. NOT ONE!!!"

Soon after a man came whipping around the corner with his turbo zoom camera and scopes that looked like they belonged in a Star Wars movie. Out of breath, he professed to the other bystanders waiting around the halls that he was there for the "Mecham" case. GREAT!!!! He was frazzled and rushed being that he was "at lunch" when he got the call and had to rush from Ogden to get to the court in time to snap his pictures for yet another story about Chad.

We sat in the back of the courtroom as far away from the reporters as possible. "M" said she heard the bailiff had ask him who he was there to take pictures of because camera's aren't allowed in the courtroom. He responded he had a warrant signed by the judge allowing him in to take pictures while Chad was in the court room. Really????? Does he look THAT different during each court appearance that you find it so intriguing to continue taking snap shots of him for your story? The public has no clue what he looks like right? Let's just keep twisting the knife through all of us, after all, he is no relation to you RIGHT? PRICK!

Chad was the first case. His lawyer wanted him in and out of there as soon as possible. When the courts announced Chad's name, "The State of Utah vs. Chad Mecham", camera man Joe went into action. The door opened and Chad walked into the courtroom, not knowing we were there, and snap, snap, snap, snap his camera went. The hearing was a FIVE minute hearing and I'm exaggerating the word "FIVE". Chad waived his right to a preliminary hearing and it was requested by his lawyer and Chad that it be turned over for arraignment to Judge so and so for tomorrow, November 18th at 4:00 p.m.. The judge asked Chad if he concurred with this, "yes sir" he said AND THAT WAS IT!!! Chad went back to the jail and voila, it's over.

Do you think the reporters stayed to take pictures or notes of the other cases. Nope. Those people aren't interesting enough. They don't have a story to tell. So they left. We stayed behind giving those vultures time to leave before we did.

The lesson I have learned through this entire ordeal and our media is that I will never pre-judge, judge or believe a single thing they report on. I mean for God's sake half the time the weather isn't even right, why would I ever believe anything else could be remotely right? Yes something may have happened but the facts or I should say the so called facts that are reported on the T.V., in the newspaper, or on the radio should be left for those at the core of the issue to tell once they can. Ever heard the saying "don't believe everything you hear?" Live by it!!

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