Wednesday, January 19, 2011

So much for enough.

God must really think our family can carry a LOT of weight on our shoulders. Things keep happening and we have no choice but to face it, in other words we're FORCED too, ugh!
I missed a call from my dad this morning while on my way to work. Not only did I miss his call but he left a message, which I didn't bother to listen too, instead I just called him back. Right away.....something was wrong and I knew it. His voice is a dead give away and for once it didn't involve Chad but did involve my youngest brother "B".
Dad says, "I'm over at "B's" house there was an incident here last night and he has been in the hospital all night." I said, so much for enough and my bitch alarm has JUST GONE OFF!!!
This is the scoop:
"B" had a couple friends over last night at his place. He received a call from a girl whom he met a few weeks ago through other friends. She wanted to go to "B's" house but he told her no, he didn't want anybody else coming over. SHE SHOWED UP ANYWAY, with two male friends that my brother doesn't know. According to my dad, "B" kept telling them he wanted them to leave, he had to go to bed because he had to go to work. They wouldn't leave after he kept telling them.....really.....who does that?
I guess they finally gave in so one of the "punks" who was with this girl, walked up to my brother to give him a high five and instead of doing so, cold-cocked him right in the face.
By 10:30 in the evening, "B" was in the emergency room. Thankfully the friend who was at his house with him was smart, thoughtful and caring enough to ONE, make sure "B" got to the hospital and TWO, make sure our dad was notified.
Here are the results of this idiots fist....ONE PUNCH by the way:
*Surgery...had a bridge put in his mouth.
*Broken bones in his jaw area.
*Two (I think) teeth knocked out.
*SEVERAL stitches.
*Swollen lips about 10 times the size they should be.
There is extensive damage but they don't know how extensive yet and won't know until the swelling goes down. BUT it is extensive enough that the surgeon kind of thinks the punk had something in his hand such as brass knuckles or an object of some sort to create that type of damage with one hit. "B" doesn't know if he had anything or not...he wasn't expecting THIS!
The police were called and since "B" had her phone number, they are going to trace the cell number and hopefully be able to find her. She however, must be willing to cooperate and give his information so he can be found, arrested and charged with assault. This punk is apparently gang affiliated and has a street name as well. When you're labeled gang affiliated you have been in trouble with the law. So hopefully this piece of shit has outstanding warrants and is an easy catch.
Dad and "B" got back to his apartment around 5 this morning. Several hours later, I got another call from dad. He had taken "B" to back to the hospital because he's bleeding profusely and can't get it to stop.
Can I just say that yes my emotion level is extremely high right now and I would love to get a hold of this girl, who just SHOWED UP after being told no ANNNNND brought two guys to my brothers house he didn't know who ended up bashing my brother's face in, and "mop her ass up!!!!!!" As you can imagine, his 2 older sisters and older brother "T" are just a tad impossible to tame right now. All hell could potentially break loose. YOU DON'T MESS WITH OUR FAMILY and for most families, I think the same applies to them as well!!!
"B" is a really good kid who has his own apartment, his own car, works 2 jobs and just lives life as it goes day by day. He is the "cork" in our family, Chad gave him that nick-name. He is hysterical, comical, UNBELIEVABLY independent, and just an all around loving and FUN kid. Doesn't take much seriously just rolls with the punches. Ew...that's not a good analogy considering the latest....sorry "B". I will be visiting with him tonight and taking Friday off to watch him and take him to the surgeon's office.
Well Dear God, if you're listening. I know you have given me and the rest of my family really strong shoulders to carry situation's such as this (along with so much else). And while I can't speak for the others, I'm really kind of getting tired of the weight. I'm kind of tired of the emotional roller-coaster I've been on this week. Sometimes it's just unbearable and I'm kindly asking for a break some time in the really near future. So while I trust you will work on that for me as well as hit the "be nice" button on my bitch alarm, please help my brother get better, please put your hand on mine and everybody else's "STRONG" shoulders and keep us from dishing out too those that hurt our little man "B" what they so rightfully deserve :). ~Amen~

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