Friday, January 28, 2011

Running on empty.

Since Wednesday, 1-26, my life has been anything but calm and collective. It's been an absolute rat race. I had been anxiously waiting for Chad to call me back all afternoon. I got a call alright, but it wasn't the call I was waiting for and it wasn't Chad. Let me give you a run down!!
*3:15-the boyfriend calls and says "babe, meet me at the hospital, I think I cut my finger off." Because he's such a joker I didn't believe him so I said"ya right." "No babe, I'm serious, here talk to "J" (co-worker)." Sure enough, they were taking him to the emergency room.
*3:45-I arrived at the emergency room. There he was....tears gently falling from his eyes when he saw me. Finger had been numbed with whatever that stuff is...Lidocaine maybe?
*Taken for x-rays.
*Surgeon comes in, looks at his finger. I had to remove myself from the room to prevent myself from fainting. Some things I can handle but not a table saw injury. EW!
*Form signed for surgery, (it's gonna be a long night). E.R. staff comes in and says it's time to get you prepped for surgery.
*Phone rings. It was a 435 number so I almost didn't answer thinking it might have been work, but I did anyways. IT WAS MY CHAD!!! :):):)
*Left the room to talk to my brother who's voice I haven't heard in 2 months besides earlier today when I heard him say his name. He is doing wonderful. He has been transferred to another facility. He sounded so, so good. He said he is doing good, he's fine, no problems and much to my surprise, he sounded "happy." He was happy, he is happy. Sigh. It seems like such an oxymoron to me....prison...happy. We talked for over 20 minutes. He loves us all, he thinks of us and hello to you all from Chad.
*O.R. nurse comes to get me. I walk with her to the O.R. I kissed him, I told him I loved him and I'll be waiting when he's done.
*5:45 in the waiting room. Phone is almost dead. Here comes "D's" brother and kids. Kinda nice to have somebody to talk too. He showed me the picture of "D"s finger that he sent to him thinking I had already seen it. NOT!!!! So pukingly gross!
*8:00 phone is completely dead. Surgeon comes to tell me what he did. The blade of the saw went all the way through his bone longitudely, from the tip of his finger all the way through the top and hit the knuckle on his hand. Bone graft, tendon & ligament repair, 2 pins and about 20 stitches on the outside (not counting those on the inside.) Thankfully it was a new blade on the saw and and a dull one. A dull one could have ripped his finger apart rather than the nice cut he got from the new blade. Icing on the cake is this day full of this traumatic event was also my loves birthday. :( NOT a happy birthday for "D" at all.
*8:45 in his room. Sick from anesthesia he was. Pin sticking out of his finger and his arm in a spongebob looking apparatus.
*7:00 am, 1-27, waking up. I shouldn't stay that since I never really slept and neither did "D" for that matter.
*9:00 am, visit from the surgeon. Discharged from the hospital and off to his work to make the accident report AND take a drug test. Uhhh just a little worrisome being that he underwent emergency surgery and of course has pain medication going through his system. Assured he will be ok.
*Off to get the drug test. Back to work to drop off the copy of the drug test request and proof it was done. And of course everybody wants to talk to him and see how he is which I so understand but hello people, I am tired, I am hungry...I have had nothing to eat since yesterday at lunch...I am running on NOTHING and it is not a pretty sight to see me without sleep or food so please let us go home so he and I can both get some rest AND FOOD in our bellies. I mean the two of us have only been up since 5:30 the morning before. Ya and of course it's all about me. I know that's what is sounds like but I was really thinking for both of us haha.
*Stopped at the store. Went STRAIGHT to the bakery for a good ol' fashioned donut. Reams are the BEST! I love the crunch as you bite into it. Yummmmmmy!
*On our way home. Dropped him off. SWALLOWED my donut. Off to get prescriptions filled. Man I am so tired. I just want to lay down.
*45 minutes later back home. Pills popped, in my jammies and on the couch. Yippy, so I thought. Lacey was having nothing to do with letting me relax. She wanted to play. No no no no no no. And how could I be mean to her? She hasn't seen us at all for many hours. How could I expect her to just let me lay down after all I've been doing. Headache kicks in.
*Try to take a nap. Not happening. Lord it's going to be another long night.
*Chad called again. Had a good 20 minute conversation, not so rushed this time. He was getting ready to go to the yard. Things are on the up & up for him which I still just can't grasp. Prison...happy. Hmmmm. BUT, I'm easing with less hurt I guess you could say. Maybe not. I'm still trying to figure it all out.
*Dinner cooked. Laundry in. "D" is fed. The night is settling and I will soon be to sleep.
*9:00 done for the night. It's time to finally, FINALLY go to bed. "D" is set up downstairs so Miss. Lacey doesn't jump all over him. Good night, sleep tight, and don't let the bed bugs bite.
*4:30 this morning, phone rings. It's "D" asking for some water. Oh how I feel so bad for him and damn I am still so tired. I can't wait for it to be Saturday morning so I can sleep in. Water taken, pills popped, bathroom run, and back on the couch he went.
*Back in bed for me. Alarm goes off 30 minutes later and I hit snooze for the next hour. It's going to be a long day.

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